TT Redesigns is a New York-based decorating and organization business specializing in affordable, small space redesign.

Services include decoration, space planning and organization for homes and businesses.

TT Redesigns strives to make the most of your existing furnishings and décor by repurposing, organizing, and selectively styling what you already have to keep costs down. Whether you have a drab home office or an uninviting living room, TT Redesigns can help create a fresh, new look for every space in your home or business.

Trisha Toelstedt, a lifelong decorator, is the owner of TT Redesigns. Trisha’s interest in design began in a small basement bedroom as a teenager. Confronted with a small, irregularly shaped room with a view of the bottom of the family pool, it had its challenges! In retrospect Trisha is grateful for that challenge, and the ones that have followed, as they have allowed her opportunities to work creatively. Her true design potential flourished in 2005 when she bought her first home in need of some serious love. And in 2011, voila ~ TT Redesigns was born!

Educated in interior design at Parsons School of Design, Trisha has worked on design projects large and small. Trisha’s goal with TT Redesigns is to go beyond simply making a room look pretty by also creating a space that speaks to your personality, lifestyle and passions. By listening to who you are and what you want your space to be and feel like, Trisha will help you redesign your space to make it warm, inviting, functional, and, most importantly, a space that truly feels like your own.

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